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Damon Sparks shows off his thick mop of jet black hair, handsome face, and hot smooth body while he jerks his huge cock. Hairy biker dude Peter Moore rides a big dildo all the way home I have to say I was really excited about shooting Chad when he decided to fly to Los Angeles and work with me.  I knew that his hot body would look even better all wet and soapy and that I wanted him to have a good long stroke session for our cameras.  Ch After getting his dick sucked by Roman Todd, Raphael Cedano does a little cock sucking of his own and gets Roman so horny he's almost begging to get his ass fucked. Lucas Vick has such a hot body, with a sprinkling of trimmed dark chest hair that lays across his perfectly shaped hard pecs, a beautifully shaped handful of a cock.
Hot little Peter had told me a flat out NO last time we talked about shooting a toy video.  Little did I know a year later he would be ready to give it a try.  As you can see this really was Peter's first time and it took him a while to be able to work it Will Max London's ramrod tough cock be any match for Eric Pryor's unparalleled bottoming skills?  You'll just have to check out this video to find out. Getting these three together was a stroke of genius.  I think I picked the horniest day of the year to shoot this.All three of these guys were horny as hell and all three wanted to get fucked!Brad I had just worked with and knew he was willing to bottom s This is James's first video and he is brand new and exclusive to us!  You are going to love this lean, tanned southern boy and his body is going to make you explode in lust!  James strokes his dick and spreads his ass until he blows one huge load!  Seriou Patrick Dunne sports a smooth chest, chiseled abs and nice hairy legs.
Dean Wildwood got his start stripping in gay clubs and now gets off knowing you're jerking your dick looking at his thick meaty cock and sexy hairy ass. Jesse Moore is a dirty blond, and I mean that in more ways than one, with an amazingly sexy body, big dick and beautiful ass. Handsome young gay Bob joins his roommate in the shower and engaging in a bareback anal Gabriel Cross has an adorable boyish face, a well built muscle stud body and a nice big cock that needs attention. He is big and he is built and he is all yours!  Lindo has quite possibly the best body I have ever seen.  He is built like a big mocha statue that's as hard as a rock!  And I mean hard all over.  The guy is almost always erect which is fine by me and I'm
If you are as in love with Chris as I am then you must really beanxious for this video.  Big, beautiful Chris and his assortment of toys.This guy has an amazing ass and when he starts to put things up it you canthelp but want to watch. Hot three-way with Blake Blake Riley, DerekDiamond and DakotaRivers.  They came ready to play, so all I had to do was turn on the camera and watch. Scott Gable working his sweet asshole with a big long dildo With his naturally smooth skin, blond hair and blue eyes, Thor Sigurdson will hammer his way into your heart. I cannot say enough about this boy. I don't usually shoot alot of porn stars for the site because I like to keep things fresh, but when I had the chance to shoot Jason I jumped at the chance. Even though you can see Jason in several videoa that are outthe
Eric Blaine gets a hot blowjob from Lucas Vick.  Two sexy southern guys and tons of hot cum. Porn star Wade Jacobs really knows how to please!  He has arguably one of the hottest bodies this side of mars and really gets into flexing and showing it off.  And if you like them with some hair on them them damn he has it in all the right places!  Here Sean Everett gives his first on screen blowjob to Max Keller, who's getting his first ever blowjob from a guy! Shawn Young is utterly adorable, has a nice natural looking body and works a cock like nobody's business. Big, hot, uncut Fabricio what more can I say? This was his first time ever in front of the camera and I have to say its one of the hottest videos I have done. Fabricio strokes his big meat, sniffs his underwear plays with his ass! I had the hardest time o
Chaz Coleman has such a hot body with his blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin.  And when he gets in front of the camera he'll get you so hot you can't stand it. Marcos Perez is a little different than the regular guys I feature on the site.  But there was something about him that I just find incredibly hot. This is one of the finest models and finest videos I have ever shot.  It's erotic, it's sweaty and it's hot!Cole never thought he would be doing a video like this but his curiosity got the best of him and he admitted to it being a huge turn on!I shot this When Benjamin Bradley and Sean Everett wake up hung over from a wild night on the town they find that they somehow picked up a third, Trent Davis, who brings them much more than breakfast in bed. Calistro is one sexy dude! He has a great body and a HUGE uncut dick! I met Calistro a few months ago and we hang at times. Getting him to do the video was easier than I thought and he really seemed to enjoy filming it. Calistro doesn't say much but with
My Hungarian is not that good and I have to admit I had a hard time understanding Jonas's English and he mine as well but, I have to admit he does an incredible job in this video. Europeans seem to be so much more comfortable with their sexuality and more I couldn't wait to get Phenix back and have somebody suck on that thick pole of his.  Kyle's really been working on his body and it really shows.  I loved putting these two together because they just looked really good together. This is one really hot blo It was to be Sean Harriri's first time with another guy, and I knew just who to put him with.  Derek Diamond has a sexual energy all of his own, even when doing a solo, so if anyone could make Shawn's first time a memorable one, it would be him.  It was e Dustin Steele rides into town with his beautiful body and signature cowboy hat. I was in the mood to see some major fucking going on so I put Blake Riley, Dustin Rivers and Ethan Parker together and just let them go out it.  The results were astounding.

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The mysterious Q returns, umasked for the world to see. Derrek Diamond couldn't wait to get fucked by our newest model, Cru Jones.  Cru made sure Derrek got the ride of his life and hosed down with a gusher of cum when he was done. Dallas Evans gives Riley Price a super hot blowjob then fucks his ass like there's no tomorrow. Moto is quite possibly one of the sexiest lads to appear on Randy Blue.  When he arrived he was laid back and very cool, almost oblivious about the whole thing.  But.once the cameras starting rolling it was a whole new ball game.  This guy knows how to tu Brett Swanson brings his adorable 21 year old self to Randy Blue and gives you a shower jerk-off performance you won't soon forget.
James was going to bottom for the first time and I wanted just the right guy to do it.  In walks Reese Rideout.  These two have grown quite close over the past year so I figured this would be something to see, and it was. What does a sexy hunk like Ben Thomas do when he's stood up by a sex date in a dark alley?  He takes matters into his own hands. I just cannot get enough of Johnny. His shoot is one of my favorites by far.How can you not love that body. In my book its just pretty damn perfect.  Big but not too big. Muscle but not too much.He has a little hair and a hot happy trail. Johnny has had s Jeremy Walker discovers some new sex toys laying around during his photo shoot and decides to try them out. Orlando used to play college football before making the big move out to LA. He has worked in music videos here in Cali and in Miami and has always been popular because of that drop dead bod! Orlando has one of the fattest dicks I have ever laid my eyes (o
I have been wanting to get Blake, Joey and Derrek together for a while now.  I could just picture how hot this 3-way would go in my mind and once it happened it looked better than I even imagined it would be. Cock getting shoved deep in Sweet Williams tight ass Chip is a twink with a huge dick! When I first met him I wasn't sure if he would do the shoot or not but he turned up on time and ready to go I have to say I am quite taken with Chip. We did the video right after he had rode his bike over. He was all hot Big beautiful Rod. This guy was so afraid he wouldn't be able to get it up in front of the camera. After some encouragment and his clothes came off it was absolutely not a problem. Rod Really wanted to do a good job and I think he worked harder then just Kyle Hennessy has the boy next door look down pat. But don't let him fool you, he's got a bit of a wild streak and loves performing for the camera.
While preparing for this video I wanted to do something fun and I knew it was Kyle's first time to ever get fucked.I knew it was going to be hot but i wasn't sure who to choose to pair him up with.  Then it hit me?  Why not two hot studs?  I told Kyle the John Roe is a huge fan of the outdoors.  His nice deep tan shows off how much time he spends in the sun engaging in several physical activities, as does his naturally well-built body.  And his cock is something to be proud of. Rocky did such a great job for his first video, not even hesitating to work his body, exploring every inch and making you feel like you are along for the ride rather than just watching. Victor is young ripped and with a great naturally hairy bod.  God I love those legs.  Seriously they are hot.  I fell in love with this guy and I know you will to once he strips down and gets going!  Enjoy! Porter Wescott and Trent Davis have an all out fuckfest with some hot rimming, deep kissing and talented cock sucking.
Dakota couldn't wait to get at the huge meaty monster between Chase's legs and by the size of his cum shot, it seems that Chase appreciated all of Dakota's hard work. Lucky and Jude begin this video by exploring each others' firm, muscular bodies, running hands over bulging pecs, sweaty six-packs, and beefy thighs.  Licking and biting each other's shoulders as their huge cocks rub up against each other. Alan Caldwell was made for gay porn with his well defined muscles, hard pecks, and a nice pair of cumgutters leading right down to a thick handful of cock. Andrew Stark has a nice smooth build except for a uniquely trimmed treasure trail that leads down to a nice big dick and lightly furry ass. Josh, kinda shy, kinda dark, and really fuckin sexy!  This was his first video for anyone and I could tell he was a bit nervous.I can't blame him just getting to the location had been an ordeal but he put everything he had into getting there and doing the
Everyone's been asking me when Gage Wilson was going to get his ass rammed by one of our Randy Blue studs.  In today's update I give you not one, but two RB fan faves, Alex Eden and Braden Charron, getting a crack at Gage's hot and hungry hole. Collin Thomas is a smooth muscular jock, sporting a massive set of biceps, a strong thick torso and one amazing bubble butt. Lucas Knowles has such a hot body I could wait to show it to you.  His dick is so huge and when he cums he sends huge ropes of milky white cum up into the air. It's really hot to watch. God, isn't he just beautiful.  Joey is the guy you know is straight but you can help hoping, or maybe praying that he might come around.What can I say?  I really love this guy and any one hangs with him knows he is cool.  Joey is back and horny as ever an When you put Braden and Chris with a hot new comer like Alex you know its going to be hot.  In this scene Chris walks in on Braden and Alex and starts directing the scene complete with some duo oral on his own big dick.  Enjoy!
Brent Diggs tops for the very first time and Cody Fallon was more than happy to be the bottom.  Brent is a natural his first time fucking some man ass. Carter Scott and Cody Springs work a big bro, little bro mojo in this awesome video.  Cody's smooth, small but muscular frame is a nice contrast to Carter's rough and scruffy look. All my friends have been asking me what happened to Max Keller.  Well, check out his new video and see for yourself.  The hairy hunk is back and hotter than ever! This is Brads first video with me and it's a scorcher. The guy just radiates sex.  I love the way he strokes his cock and works his ass.  What a great ass! Brad just wants to have sex and why not?  He is fucking great at it! Once Brad starts taking his cl Bryce Barrington brings a wild passion and enthusiasm to his Randy Blue debut as he loves every inch of his incredibly hot body.

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God what a Fucking Hottie!  Jimmy is about the most fuckable thing on the planet and believe me, you are going to cream when you see this guy in action.  This former marine just ooozes machismo and had me going right from the start.  Make sure you notice Milo fucks Porter every which way pounding deep inside Porter's eager ass nonstop until Porter is covered in cum from both of the horny models. Muscle Mike gets fucked in the ass hard by Christian Volt I have to say that to date this is one of the hottest videos I have ever shot.  Roxy is a natural in front of the camera and that body is to die for.  Roxy's performance kept me on the edge the whole time and from beginning to end I was hard taping it!  T Who would have thought it?  When Matt first walked thru my door a couple of months ago I would have never thought this big strapping HOT guy would have been as sexually curious as he has been.  Remember a couple of weeks back when he won the coin toss?  T
It's a battle of the wills when Clark Connor and Xander Scott use their talented lips and tongues to see who can make who cum first. Roman Todd and Shane Fisher are two hot twinks who get it on with a steamy shower blowjob. Things get really wild when we match up Eric Pryor's unreal bottoming skills with Chip Tanner's gymnastic prowess as a top. With his handsome face, deep blue eyes, full red inviting lips and beautiful body, Isaac Marx is sure to quickly become a Randy Blue fan favorite. Sometimes a guy will give better cumshots once they've done this a few times and are more comfortable, but when this guy came... well let's just say he's lucky he didn't shoot a hole in the wall.  He let out a gusher that would put the dancing waters in L
Jake Sparks may look like the quintessential boy next door but he's got his wild side. Kai has to be one of my all time favorite models. He is always comfortable in front of the camera and is really great at working his own dick. The guy has an ass that just won't quit! It's begging to be fucked! Luciano and I met one day while I was shoppingOk, We had sex in a department store bathroom stall if you want to get technical, but I knew right away he was going to be a great feature model!  He has amazing legs, a lean, tall frame a beautiful bubble but Steve majors rubbing and oiling up his big stiff cock Spencer Reed came in for a test shoot and I thought it would be fun to shoot a behind-the-scenes video for my members.  It came out really nice but the real fun happened when we left the room.  Luckily I left the camera running.
Kody is an insatiable top who can't get enough ass but this time the tables are turned and Kody fucks himself with a big dildo!  Kody has never done this before and it was quite the challenge for him since he has always been a top but he really did a grea Brett Swanson gives Caleb Strong his first gay hardcore experience on Randy Blue with a real hot flip flop fuck. This guy has one big dick! I thought the day of the shoot. Quite frankly I couldnt stop looking at it. Deon knew I was all eyes and just kept touching it, playing with it over and over again. Deon would grab the head and squeeze it hard then start slowly Dominic Brown and Mike West both look so hot as they deep throat each other's throbbing cocks in this double blowjob scene. Dark, lean and hung..What more could you say?  Those three words really sum up our next feature video.  Keith is everything you would want in a model and is drop dead fucking hot to boot!  Here you get to see Keith stroking his massive, dark meat for the
Peter is a fucking hottie!  And I would suspect one hell of a great fuck!  If only I knew!!  I would do just about anything to get the pants off this guy again!  Peter is a natural in front of the camera and this is his first time!  He strokes his big dic When I first laid eyes on Kal Richards I knew there was something special there.  A friend sent me his picture and said, you have to shoot this guy.  I never base a decision on a face alone but when I saw that smile of his I got in touch with him right aw Hairy muscle stud ass gets hammered hard in this jailhouse fuck Dereck was a bit nervous but not too much at doing his first ever solo video.  This guy really gets into jerking off and you have to yell between takes for him to hear you.  Now that is some dedicated jerking off!This young stud in his twenties and ready This video will really make your pants bulge!  Kody is back and hornier then ever!  And Jackson is willing as ever to take a ride on that big thick dick of Kody's!  This marks their first meeting and both guys were way into it!  Enjoy!
Kris Jamison works his long slender dick, and shows off his lean athletic body. Kenny tops Dakota in a hot fuckfest free for all.  I let the guys pretty much do what they wanted for this video and the results are so hot you'll need to come back for more. As I stated in his model profile Kris Knight is becoming big in the straight side of porn.  He is amazingly sexy and good at what he does. And that body.I could write volumes.  This is his first video for Randy Blue and Kris does a really great job stroki Toby is hands down so fucking cute and hot at the same time.  This is his second jerk off video and it gives us a chance to see that hot natural body of his and that big beautiful grin!  Enjoy! Joshua Young has such a boy next door look and having only recently graduated from college he gave me an image of him in his dorm room, rubbing one out hoping not to be caught by his roommate.
Simon I will have to say is a pretty quiet guy but damn he really starts to make noise once his finger goes up his ass!Simon has one really hot ass and I was very glad that he just started to explore it on his own without any prompting from me.I think you With his fresh, unfiltered edginess Roman Todd makes quite an impression. Derrek Diamond was a little bummed that he didn't get to have sex with Blake Riley and Cody Fallon when making our Halloween video.  Today he gets to live out his fantasy in this smokin' hot three-way. Just like his name implies, Angel is exactly that. Hard tight abs, beautiful ass, and a big thick uncut dick. I swear when I first met him on a college campus I never thought he would do a video! I was wrong. Angel confided to me he had always wanted to d Gay cutie Kevin working a cock with his mouth and taking it in his tush by humping on top

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Woody Henson is one of the newest guys to be on Randy Blue.  He's really cute with read hair and very much the shy, quiet type. You guys are gonna love Johnny Clash.  He's so comfortable in front of the camera and has such a hot little body. Calvin Flex is tall and handsome and has a nice thick cock. Smooth looking gay lads Kevin and his friend stuffing their faces and butts with dicks You are going to LOVE this guy!  I mean what's not to like?  Great body, beautiful face and a thick dick!  Micky is a hot straight guy who has no experience in the boy/boy sex realm.  Lets see if we change that.  I do not think there would be any shortage
This is Roman Todd's first piece of man ass on Randy Blue and with the talented Brett Swanson as bottom you know he'll be back for more. Newcomer Sean Everett brings his lean body and adorable face to Randy Blue, and strokes his big uncut cock just for you. I put Cody Fallon, James Hawk and Lucky Daniels in a hot three-way, and guess who the lucky bottom is?  There's also a triple dildo scene for good measure. What do you get when you put three of Randy Blue's hottest guys in a crazy, no holds barred three-way?  You get two hot tops, Reese Rideout and Xander Scott, and a very satisfied Cody Fallon. Dallas Evans gives brand new hottie Collin Thomas a blow job worthy of such a blond jock stud with big hard muscles.
Gay teen Kevin slobbering a meaty cock before taking it up his arse by humping on top Tommy Troy gets you with his handsome boyish face but keeps you with his hulking manly body. Hold on to your seats and grab some lube its party time with Jason and Mason!  These guys are both hot and horny and ready to get off!I love this pairing because both guys are opposites in looks one dark and tanned, the other blonde and fair so they just Just how much can this hot straight guy shove up his ass? I kept asking myself. Evidently allot. Tex had confessed during out first shoot that he was interested in doing a toy shoot for me. Well sometimes I have had a girl shove a finger up there when the Devon I met on a recent trip to San Diego. He is a fitness trainer and has dreams of being a professional body builder some day. I think you would agree he has what it takes to get there! Watch Devon work his cock and shoot a huge load in this exclusive R
Asshole stretching stud plows Damian Ford a new driveway Set amidst a backdrop of a lush, green forest, Tony Dimino shows off the natural beauty of his hot, furry body while enjoying some self-pleasuring in the great outdoors. Christian Sharp, Ethan Parker and Ryan Rockford get down and dirty in this balls to the wall threeway. Vinny Dias has an incredible muscular body, is absolutely adorable, and jerks his rock hard cock like nobody else. Thank God for Eastern European men.  I will be the first one to saythe Czechs, the Hungarians, and the polish have some of the hottest menaround.  This one is of course no exception.  Devin is absolutely tug atyour crotch hot and this is his first appeara
Muscle Mike gets pounded like a snare drum by Christian Volt The day we filmed this video Ramon was well, a tad bit nervous. He had never done anything like this and if it were not for the fact he needed extra tuition money (and the fact I am very convincing) I doubt he would have ever done it. Ramon had come by fo Musclebound bear gets fucked by a big stud in the locker room Chad Hollon calls Chip Tanner over for a booty call so he can dig his face deep in his hole and then fuck his brains out. Gorgeous natural body, big dick, hot ass and a Prince Albert.  Now that is hot.  I love Phoenix's pierced piece of meat and I bet he sure knows how to use it.  This is his first time on R.B. and I already want him back real bad!  Enjoy!
This is Dex's first appearance on the site and I must say this kidis really freaking hot!  From his accent to his smile to his body to his biguncut cock it's all good!  Dex works his body until he shoots a really nicebig load! Vinnie Griego was very comfortable in front of the camera and I just loved watching him work that huge piece of meat.  His tattooed arm flexing as his hand stroked up and down, firmly gripping, working and teasing his aching member. Devlin was really excited about doming out to LA and making this video for you.  This was a whole new experience for him but you would never guess it by his enthusiasm.I love this guy's body.  It's lean and oh so nice.  Devlin has no problems showing it o Watching Devin writhe around on this leather chase was a bit more than I could handle!  I'll admit that this guy causes me to sport a huge boner the whole time he is around and his first ever video is pretty much the hottest one I have shot to date!  Watc Frankie is drop dead hot. He has one of the most beautiful bodies I have ever seen and it's all natural. When I asked him what he did to keep in such great shape he said that he just runs and does chin ups..that's it. Frankie is one of those oohhhh so swe
Well we are all finally getting our wish and that is to see that stud Mathew get the pounding of his lifetime!  And no, not by one guy but two of my favorites on Randy Blue! Bobby and Steel (Mathews friend) could not wait to take turns on this boy's ass a Dildo pounding fun with two bear studs named Dale West and Steve Hurley Thor rams a dildo into Riley's hungry hole. Riley takes every thrust with joy and anticipation knowing that soon it will be Thor's cock plunging deep inside him. Scotty is a sex demon who has professed to me that he has sometimes gotten off 6 times in one day!  Damn! If I only had that kind of energy!  Well, that's ok cause at least we can all enjoy Scotty together!  Scotty is one hell of a sexy motherfucker and I Tracy is one hell of a hot rugby player. I met him thru a twist of fate and I still think he is one of the hottest real guys I have captured on video. Tracy works his big uncut dick into a frenzy before he pulls off one hell of a hot pop shot.

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Gay cutie Drew on his knees and slobbering a meaty cock and slurping a ball sack When I suggested to Joey that he do a toy video he was ready for it.  I made sure he did a little practicing before the day of the shoot so when it was time to get the cameras rolling he went at it with the same kind of heat and excitement that he does ev You are a voyeur, peeking in at the sexy jock stud Victor Cage as he works his body in the gym and then works his rock hard cock in the process. Adam and Reese are hot as hell and I thought it was high time to paid them up and see the action explode.  Reese loves to fuck a tight hole and Adam is more then willing to give it up to Reese.  I was amazed at how well they got along, laughing and kiddin I love this guy's body!  It is amazing  Seriously hot!  Joelle was in LA for work and decided he wanted to do something so different while he was here.  Jacking off for R.B. is something different all right!  He does an amazing job and that body of his is
Frank did an excellent job for his first shoot with us.  He started out slow, teasing us with the shadow of those perky nips peeking out through his almost see-through shirt, and a huge bulge in his tight jeans promising something good if you stick around Tight assed gay loves sucking off dicks and take turns getting tooled hard from behind What a great big cock! Marc had admitted doing a few things in the adult industry and has been photographed but I think this was his first solo video. He reached into his underwear and pulls out one monster of a huge cock! Marc loves to beat his big meat God, what a hot guy.  Tory is lean and ripped and hot.  A total frat sophomore that has a real dirty side!  I really love his young looks and cocky smile!  Tory really works over his body for his debut performance on Randy Blue!  But don't worry,  I am su It is the whole box of chocolates thing, You never know what you are going to get.  Adam and Brad are brilliant together.The best part about this video is the fact that none of it is forced.  These guys were way into each other and it shows.  I love both
Big stiff Cock gets gobbled in this jailhouse sex scene Justin Blakely has a smooth muscular chest and a sexy ass that's covered in beautiful dark hair. While Chip Tanner is trying to suck his own delicious uncut dick, Donny Wright and Roman Todd walk in on him and catch him in the act. Yes I know that Antonio is one sexy motherfucker.  Why do you think I picked him?But I couldn't believe how this very shy guy turned on the sexual heat and pulled off one very hot video.He starts out all shy and before you know it he just seduces you and Jason Shaw is really the next big thing.  In all my years of photographing hot guys this one takes the cake.  His body is like brown butter and his face is just too adorable.  Not to mention he is just easy and fun to work with!  My assistant was in love!
Noah Driver takes the next step and tries out some toys.  He knows just the right places to hit, stroking his meaty cock while working that vibrator in and out so the pleasure reverberates throughout his entire body. Like I have said before Henry has a huge dick. Its really big and its really thick. He told me that girls love it. I can only imagine that guys would feel the same! Henry has great appeal, with those squinty eyes. He looks like a cross between morrisey an Brent Diggs is even hotter now than when he made his Randy Blue debut almost two years ago.  He's back and working his sexy little hole in this all new toy video. When I saw Alex Eden and Chris Rockway bumpin' and grindin' all over Dakota Rivers at a recent bar event I knew I had to put them in a scene together.  Three hot studs in a steamy three-way with sexy results! Jacob Blunt was sent to me by a friend who met him at an audition for a reality show.  The only reality I know is that this guy is one hot stud!
I was the first to photograph and video tape Ben when he first arrived in LA. Since then he as gone on to do quite a few videos and magazine layouts. He is your picture perfect Latin male fantasy. Ben was never nervous and he did a really great job. Ben h Sean is a gorgeous guy with an exceptional body and a really nicepiece of meat swingin between his legs.  This is the first time he hasappeared on a web site and I am pretty sure he will be an instant favorite!Enjoy! Christian Sharp plans on spending a quiet evening reading but that dildo in the drawer seems to be calling to him.  It doesn't take much for this adorable hunk to chuck the book and get that toy vibrating! Tony Dimino does his first toy scene on Randy Blue and finds out how much fun a dildo can actually be. Sebastian and Jason are two favorites that have been absent for a bit but now they are back in a flip fuck scene that will drive you nuts.  Both of these guys are sexy and the mutual attraction was really hot to watch.  They might start out a bit shy but
Diego is very comfortable in front of the camera, doing his workout with that sexy look of determination across his incredibly handsome face.  Once he strips his shirt off and lets his fingers lightly graze his erect nips you're hooked. Xander Scott gets a piece of man ass from one of the best pieces of ass around, Blake Riley.  The chemistry between these two is explosive! Peter Moores ass gets pounded hard by Scott Gable I love talking hot guys into picking up toys.  Most of the time they really love it.I don't think Antonio thought he would like it at all but he seems to have taken to it like a fish to water!Watch this ripped hot Latin boy take these toys and get himself Naughty gay hooked up with two horny guys and got hard cock plugged from both ends
Riley Price is a hunky spitfire from Los Angeles with an all American look and a really long cock.  He's a bundle of sexual energy and really shows it off in today's video. My newest video is my best! Loren decides to cool down on a hot summer day by stripping out of his clothes. Things get much hotter though when his hands start running all over his body. Loren plays with his foreskin and gets his dick nice and hard before I couldn't wait to get Chance Brenton back in front of my camera.  He's such an adorable guy with a beautiful naturally built body.  I let him try a glass dildo for the first time and he seemed to really love it. This is especially for all those hairy chest enthusiasts out there! Bob is one hot hairy piece of man. Bob was a hell of a lot of fun and he had no problem showing off his hot hairy hole! Bob had never done anything like this before and had really looked Corey Winters shoves a big stiff dildo in his tight ass

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